The first Damali wines were introduced in May 2011 and include grape wines, fruit wines and unique blends that incorporate lavender. Enjoy a glass of your favourite on our licensed picnic area and take some home to enjoy later.  We produce our wine using traditional methods and then introduce lavender syrup prior to bottling. This gives us significant control over the lavender influence. Our goal is for the lavender to subtly enhance the wine rather than become the focal point.


2016 Damali wine list


‘Rosea’ $6/glass ~ $20/bottle ~ $216/case

New! Estate grown raspberries and Cowichan Pinot Gris finished with a hint of lavender. Great for summer sipping, before dinner aperitif, and special occasions. This blush pairs well with poultry and chilled oysters.


‘Alba’ $6/glass ~ $20/bottle ~ $216/case

A crisp and fruity Pinot Grigio made from Cowichan Pinot Gris and finished with a hint of lavender. The deep amber colour arises from a short period of skin contact prior to press. Alba is a great wine for sipping and pairs well with white fish, chiken, cream sauces and cheeses.


‘Maillette’ $6/glass $18/bottle ~ $195/case

This red dinner wine is made from estate grown Castel grapes, a North American/French hybrid well suited to the Cowichan terrain. Earthy aromas and an uncharacteristic fruitiness create a unique Island wine that pairs well with red meat and Italian dishes. Prior to serving, let breathe for 30 minutes.


‘Rhubé Lavande’ $6/glass $20/bottle ~ $216/case

Damali rhubarb blended with Cowichan Pinot Gris and a hint of lavender creates a bold unique wine. The natural Tartness associated with rhubarb is beautifully balanced and presented in an off dry style. Pairs well with spicy foods, poultry or enjoy on its own.


‘Mystique’ $6/glass ~ $20/bottle ~ $216/case

A fusion of five Damali signature wines creates a mouth-watering fresh and fruity flavour. Blended to perfection, Mystique is a versatile wine that is great sipping on its own or as an everyday table wine.


‘Muré Lavande’ $6/glass ~ $20/bottle ~ $216/case

100% wild Cowichan blackberries balanced with lavender syrup and oaked to perfection creating a unique off dry blend. This flavoursome wine pairs well with red meats, duck and salmon; versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own or sipped with rich dark chocolate.


‘Dolcé Mora’ $6/glass ~ $20/bottle ~ $216/case

Medium sweet dessert wine made from 100% wild Cowichan blackberries. Rich berry flavour perfect for sipping at the end of a meal. Pairs well with dark chocolate, ice cream and fine cheeses.